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Toronto Psychologist

About Me

I am a licensed clinical psychologist specialising in individual and couples therapy and I maintain a private practice in Hamilton, Ontario. I have over 18 years experience providing psychotherapy.

I am very passionate about my career and value being professional and ethical. In terms of my counselling style, I would consider myself to be more directive, educational and organised, but I am a great listener, I care deeply about people and have a strong sense of empathy for what others go through in their lives. I consider myself flexible, humorous and down to earth and I love to connect with my clients to build a strong rapport. I also appreciate the environment that I work in and try my best to make it look presentable and comfortable. Coming to a psychologist can be a great experience, and I firmly believe that!

I love to continually learn about psychology, updating my skills and the various treatment approaches that surround it. I have also spent an enormous amount of time learning about different types of psychological tests and evaluation methods to provide an accurate diagnosis. I have explored numerous different ways to identify and conceptualise client problems and how to create strong, organised treatment plans that adhere to treatment strategies that have been proven to work.

My approach to treatment as a psychologist is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or (CBT). I chose this therapy because CBT has been proven in the research literature to work and I believe that a psychologist should only use treatment modalities that work and relieve symptoms in a short time-frame without enormous cost to the individual. Some patients do require a deeper level of therapy for their difficulties, and I use extensions of CBT such as "Dialectical Behaviour Therapy" and "Schema-Focused Therapy" for these problems. These therapeutic modalities are still Cognitive-Behavioural in the foundation, but integrate several other approaches to deepen the experience; these include techniques from Psychodynamic, Gestalt and Object Relations.

To ensure an excellent standard of theoretical understanding, quality skill and expertise, as well as professionalism and ethical treatment of my clients,  I have full "autonomous" registration with the "College of Psychologists of Ontario" (the primary registration board in Ontario for psychologists) as well as membership with the "Canadian Psychological Association" (the primary association for psychologists across Canada).



B. Psych. (Honours) 1997 (Bachelor of Psychology)
D. Psych. (Clinical) 2002 (Doctor of Psychology)

Professional Registration

Member of the Canadian Psychological Association

Member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario
C.Psych. (5000) Ontario


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