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Anger Management


Is anger management appropriate for you? Are you experiencing anger that results in physical altercations, road rage, constant irritation or conflict with others such as your spouse, friends, and coworkers? Do you feel the world is unfair and that people are neglectful or hurtful, or you just don't trust people? Do others see you as an angry person who holds grudges or is suspicious of the motivations of others? Do you feel constantly angry inside? If so, then anger management might be needed.

Anger is debilitating and can wreak havoc on our lives. Anger can hurt us socially by ruining the bonds we hold with our spouses, children and friendships. It can affect the ability to perform our jobs and even ruin our health (problems can increase such as high blood pressure and heart disease). Anger management using cognitive behaviour therapy can be very successful in helping you become a less angry person. With anger management, you can begin to understand the triggers and themes behind your anger such as someone breaking one of your personal rules, threatening your self-esteem through his or her words or deeds, or when someone or something seems to be keeping you from reaching your goal. Learning to think differently about such things, as well as learning to calm down your body's response to arousal are important techniques in anger management.

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