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I am a clinical psychologist in Ontario with extensive experience dealing with clients who feel unsatisfied about themselves and their lives and in turn, might be limiting or sabotaging their relationships, their work or even their friendships. As a result, they might be feeling depressed and unmotivated, have anxiety, feel overwhelmed, angry, panicky, irritable, or even have trouble sleeping. Most times, no matter how they try, they can't seem to figure out how to change these difficulties.


I use Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or CBT because numerous research studies have demonstrated it to work for most psychological problems. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a structured and directive counselling "strategy" used by most psychologists and focuses on two main components: challenging your negative thoughts, and implementing new behaviour skills to get your needs met.

  Although, as a psychologist I believe that support is vital to any therapeutic approach. I do believe it is not enough. My approach is highly structured and directive to help you stay focused. It includes an organised treatment plan and logical strategies for each step of the way. The description below provides an even more detailed description about Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. ​

Toronto Psychologist, depression, anxiety, couples




Located in the City Centre of

Hamilton, Ontario



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Toronto Psychologist, depression, anxiety, couples


​​"Cognitive Therapy is one of the few forms of psychotherapy that has been scientifically tested and found to be effective in over 300 clinical trials for many different disorders. In contrast to other forms of psychotherapy, cognitive therapy is usually more focused on the present, more time limited, and more problem solving oriented. Indeed, much of what the patient does is solve current problems. In addition, patients learn specific skills that they can use for the rest of their lives. These skills involved identifying distorted thinking, modifying beliefs, relating to others in different ways, and changing behaviours".

Judith Beck -


Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD), Anxiety or Fears, Relationship Issues, Anger, Social Anxiety, Depression, Trauma and PTSD, Stress



Practicing Psychologist for 20 years.

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